Halma Sharp

Halma Sharp 1.0

Challenging bite sized board game


  • Challenging
  • Two player


  • Takes time to learn
  • CPU is ruthless!

Halma Sharp is a mini version of the traditional board game, where the aim is to be the to move your pieces across the board into the opposition's corner. You can choose whether to play the CPU or a friend (on the same Pocket PC), and choose the CPU difficulty level.

The rules are included, and pretty easy to pick up. Helpfully, the program will show you all available moves for each piece, which makes learning the game a cinch. The original game had a 16x16 board, whereas Halma Sharp is half the size, which makes for tighter and faster games. On the other hand, while you are getting the hang of the rules, you will no doubt lose often and quickly, even in easy mode!

The board is bright and clear, and the menu is easy to navigate. As a way to exercise your brain for a few minutes here and there, it's a nice little game to play. It's possible that due to the small board, you will find there are limited tactics for success, but in the short term it's fun.

Nice bite-size strategy for your Pocket PC

Halma Sharp


Halma Sharp 1.0

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